Richmond View School

Richmond View School has a motto that states: "EDUCATING FOR ETERNITY" and this school motto echoes what I believe God has laid on my heart as the Senior Leader of the Church.

The vision for the School was established back in the early 1970's by the then Senior Leadership of the Blenheim Elim Church. It was built and opened in the early 1980's and this vision and support has not waivered since then. If anything it has grown to encompass more than Primary Education. (Future developments are in the Vision stage).

There is an ever increasing rift between the Church and Character we believe God would have us develop, and the secular Education system's views and values. This rift is not about core subjects like Reading, Writing and Arithmetic but it is in the 'HOW' of delivery.

In the secular world there are so many 'views and values' on what is important for a child. These options have become so vast and wide it has the potential to induce confusion rather than clarity of purpose and direction.

Richmond View School has been developed to see the potential of every child and assist the family in developing that child into everything that God has called them to be.

Here at Elim Christian Centre we believe in family. This is one of the absolute core foundation building blocks of a healthy society. By family, we believe this includes the generations, not just Mum, Dad and child but the wider family too. As such we want to assist our Christian families as much as possible which is our calling from God. The Ministry of Education do however allow up to 5% of our students to come from non-Christian homes, and these places are normally filled.

God has called us to be 'salt and light' to our Community and this covers all ages. We want our children to have the best education possible and we believe for this to happen it needs to and must have a foundation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ underpinning and overshadowing all things.

These Christian beliefs, values and lifestyle form the special character of Richmond View School which is determined by the Statement of Faith of Elim Christian Centre.

Everything about the earlier years of a child is about laying a foundation of character development and establishing mindsets and behaviours that will benefit all of society and life.

As Christians and as a Church we believe there is a call to see a part of this established through Bible Based Education. We believe our children can and will have a positive impact on Society as they grow and become contributors in their spheres of influence. It is a responsibility that we believe God has given us and we are passionate about seeing it achieved.

Tom Hatch
Senior Leader
Elim Christian Centre - Blenheim


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 Principal Richmond View School - Dave Pauling
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